Rivel Soup

Soup is simply a natural on these long winter evenings. Tonight it was Chicken, Corn and Rice Soup. I was really hungry for rivel soup but didn’t have any milk. I haven’t had rivel soup in who knows when. Can you remember the last time you had rivel soup? You say you’ve never heard of rivels? They’re these little nocturnal animals only nocturnal people eat. NOT!!! Really, they’re actually quite large if they’re called rivels. If they’re the small kind, they’re called rivetlettes. Oh, that’s a lie, too. Actually, rivels are flour and salt mixed together with a raw egg thrown around in it. When you mess around with that stuff long enough you end up with some rivelettes that you then sort of sift out with a fork and throw into a kettleful of scalding hot milk. Cut a chunk of real, salted butter into it and then sprinkle Redmond brand sea salt over it and you’ll have Rivel Soup every Amish woman would be pleased to serve. That is how you make Rivel Soup if you’re a Free Spirit. If you need a recipe, here it is, straight from the “Amish Cooking” cookbook.
1 Cup Flour
1 Egg
1/2 teaspoon salt
Mix salt with flour. Toss egg lightly through flour with fork until small crumbs form. Stir into one quart scalded whole milk. Bring to a boil and serve at once.

Rivel Soup is a rich, creamy chowder, with soft, chewy egg dumplings. It’s a staple in many Amish and Mennonite homes. It’s quick and easy to prepare, (and good to the last scrapings of the round, earthenware bowl, if you’re fortunate enough to have one, and equally delicious eaten from a foam toss-away cup.) And that’s the honest truth.


3 thoughts on “Rivel Soup

  1. Marvin makes his own rivel soup, with taters and onions added to it, his version is pretty good, the old fashioned recipe I don’t care for, me myself did not grow up with rivel soup, don’t know why, so never made it myself,and he had it in his growing up years and got so hungry for it so called his super good cook of a sister and got the recipe, and seen another recipe with taters and onions added, so thats how he makes it ever since, his employees love it, too.


  2. o yeh I need to make rival soup one of these days too …. we like that stuff and once in awhile I will throw some cheese in it to give it another kind of good flavor ….. you forgot to add that you also need good old pickled red beets to go with it …. isn’t the beet color what makes the soup good …or not ?????


    • A free spirit like you can do what you want – cheese, bacon, garlic, onions, whatever you like. And of course, pickled red beets on the side, and hot dogs too. Let’s get together for rivel soup real soon.


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