10 Grandisms (lessons from my grandchildren)

1. Always holler, “CANDY!” when entering the back door.
2. Talking always goes better when sung to a tune.
3. Sit with Nana and Grandaddy during church only long enough to get some gum.
4. Hold your sister’s hand when she’s being naughty.
5. Hold even tighter when she screams and acts like she’s going to bite.
6. Call Nana on the phone just to hear her voice.
7. Act all bright-eyed and bushy tailed at nap time.
8. Be very sleepy when its time to do dishes.
9. Drink lots of water, especially from a dispenser on the kitchen counter.
10. Learn sign language so you can say, “I love you,” when you and Nana are too far apart for conversation.


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