The Language of Mountains


Mountains are beautiful. They seem to change constantly, yet we know they actually never change. Only their “emotions” seem to change with the ever-changing weather and light. One moment they’re sunny and alive and the next they’re brooding and only halft there.


So it is with our foundational faith if we are grounded in the Rock, Christ Jesus. Our emotions change with our ever-changing circumstances, but beneath the tears or laughter, our fears or joy, we rely on the Truth of God’s Word to keep us from despair with life or over-confidence in ourselves.


Mountians also appear their largest at a distance.

But the closer we come to a mountain the smaller it seems to appear, until even a small hill can completly obstruct its view. So it often is with big events or unpleasant circumstances in the future. They may be frightening or seem impossibly large, but when the time actually comes they don’t seem half as big or as difficult as we’d expected.


These photos were all taken of the same mountain at the
same spot in my son’s yard. I spent 5 weeks there with absolutely no rush, no stress and plenty of time to think about mountains. LOL.



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