Nana’s Bliss

During the five weeks I spent at my son’s place I did little more than sleep, study and play.


I made this wire sculpture of a bonsai tree for my son’s office.


My nights were long and restful. My days were filled with quiet hours with the Lord and playful hours with my grandchildren.


In between were rejuvenating conversations with my son and daughter-in-law, trips to the public library, thrift stores, and visits with friends. I also joined my daughter-in-law’s Ladies Choir and participated in one of their programs at a Rest Home for the elderly.


I made good use of my camera, went on slow walks with my grandchildren and began teaching them the basics of good photography.


I was filled with great joy and delight in observing the faithful Christian teaching in my son and his wife’s home. Their children are receiving a wonderful education in gardening, music, literature, chess, the Bible, cooking and eating real food, and the basics of living off the land and within their means.  I was truly amazed at what 2 and 3 year old’s know and can do, just because they are their parents’ first priorities.


It did this grandmother’s heart a world of good to live at their home for an extended visit. (I lived in my own quarters as a very near next door neighbor. Early in my stay they set up their neighbor’s camper in the yard.) I came home feeling much closer to my son and his family, more in touch with the Lord, and better equipped to handle the stresses of life at home.


Its been a very good Spring.



My three-year-old grandaughter took the picture above. I picked her up so she could reach the branches of the tree. It was actually shot toward the bright, afternoon sun. She very quickly caught on to shooting high, shooting low, shooting toward light and with it behind you. She is an eager and bright student. (She suggested that I leave my camera with her because she thought that once I got home I could buy another one. Life is so simple at three years old. )


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