Bonsai Wire Sculpture

One day, shortly before leaving home, I saw a. photo of a bonsai tree wire sculpture on Pinterest. I thought that looked simple enough, and since my son has an interest in bonsai I took a few supplies along to do a little wire twisting. On one of my walks with my grandchildren I picked up a fairly flat rock as a base. My son had a book on how to make real bonsai trees so by looking off of some of those pictures I began twisting wire to resemble them. My son had a large supply of regular hot wire fencing, so that was how I began the sculpture, leaving the more expensive wire for finishing touches. After the tree’s skeleton was finished I wrapped the entire tree with beautiful black wire and put final decorations on it with bright red copper wire that my son had saved from old electric motors. My daughter-in-law suggested making leaves for the tree from rolled copper sheets, which she picked up for me at Wal Mart. With a few glass beads that I’ve collected from thrift and yard sale jewelry, the tree was decorated to resemble a bonsai apple tree. My granddaughters wanted a spider web with a “real” spider in it, and also a bird’s nest with “real” eggs, which I made from glass beads and twisted wire. At last I glued two layers of felt on the bottom of the rock to protect furniture. After trimming the felt closely to the rock, and covering the base of the tree and rock with green moss, it was ready for my son to take to his office as a replacement for a real bonsai tree. He is good at origami and makes lots of those paper cranes for the children and I thought a tiny one would be perfect for the bird nest. But I left that for him to do sometime.




One thought on “Bonsai Wire Sculpture

  1. I haven’t seen some of these pictures before, very cool! It looks wonderful! Great job mother hen. 🙂


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