Mama’s Lessons


Ten things my mother taught me:

1.How to tie my shoes, and next, how to tie my little apron behind my back.
2. To pray before going to bed at night, and next, to pray whenever I needed God, and then again, to pray to praise God.
3. How to make mashed potatoes with no lumps, and then next, to make gravy with no lumps for the potatoes.
4. Never to tell a lie no matter what the consequences.
5. Do my work right, do it fast, and do it without complaining.
6. Good grades in school are not as important as having done my best.
7. Boys are to ask me out, not me ask them.
8. How to care for my babies so they would sleep when tired, eat when hungry, and smile when happy.
9. To trust God when things go well, to trust Him when things go wrong, and to trust Him because He is trustworthy.
10. That having enough is better than having too much, and having too little must be handled with integrity and grace.

Happy Mothers Day, Mama.



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