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The definition of windows in Merriam-Websters:
1. Openings in doors, walls or ceilings to admit entrance, light or air into a building.

2. An interval of time during which an opportunity exists, often referred to as “a window of opportunity.”

3. A means of obtaining information, as in, “a window on history.”

4. A partition through which business may be conducted, as in a window at a bank or a drive-through window outside a business.

5. Reference to various rectangular boxes that may appear on a computer screen that facilitates multitasking.






A poet’s definition of windows:

1. An expression of the soul, as in portraying one’s thoughts to the world.

2. Prayer, providing access to our Heavenly Father.

3. An inner awareness of the imminence of Christ’s return, as in watching and waiting at the window of the world.

Standing at the window of the world


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