The New Old Age

* I remember when JFK was murdered, and felt hurt and shocked to witness some people express complete, uninhibited joy at the news.

* I remember when the first astronauts walked on the moon and a (truly) elderly man in our community said they must have done it when it was full moon, and got on it right when it was coming up.

* I remember when my little sister was about a year old and once, when my Daddy brushed the hair from her face, he said, “You look like one of the Beatles.”

My grandfather, who lived out-of-state, remarked, “You mean you have them, too?”

And my father said, “Oh yes, they’re everywhere – all over the world.”

* I remember when double-knit was the fabric to have, and then I remember greatly dis-liking it because it never wore out.

* I remember when pizza first came out and thinking I would never learn how to make it right.


* Would you like to guess my age?


2 thoughts on “The New Old Age

  1. Maybe pizza was around a long time, but I remember eating it for the first time when our youth group went to a new restaurant called Pizza Hut and I didn’t know which I wanted to order, spaghetti or this stuff everybody else was ordering called pizza. So I stuck with the group and experienced pizza for the first time. That’s funny about the Beatles. Yes, both your grandfather and great-grandfather knew about the Beatles. I’m old. Now you know.


  2. LOL…and here I was thinking “Grandpa knows about The Beatles?!” haha. And you remember when pizza was a new thing? I figured that had been around for years and years.


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