As blood He sweated anguished dread

then walked the hill with thorns and cross

and took the nails, the thirst, and spear

for joy that no one understood.



Then glad we walked the Red Sea dry

and licked our lips of manna sweet,

and wiped our mouths the grin to hide

upon our gold dust-covered sleeves.

By Jewel Miller 



We accept good with outstretched hands, but use the blessings to commit evil.

America is the model of freedom to the world, but something has gone wrong with our blessings.

My heart is saddened by things that are morally wrong and yet legal in our United States of America.

Most of all, Abortion.

We must speak out against this horror. Unless we do the silent screams of the innocent and helpless ones will continue to rend the skies with their untimely deaths.

In America and other “free” nations, the choice of women to control their own bodies and destinies remains their carefully guarded “need and right,” resulting in millions upon millions ending their babies’ lives before they are born.

In many restricted nations, particularly in China,  a woman’s choice to decide her body’s destiny and family planning is the last thing they are entrusted with, resulting in millions upon millions losing their babies before they are born, completely against their wishes, and resulting in national grief and lifelong pain. What is a woman’s private matter is taken from them in cruel and public ways.No baby is safe, and few women are spared.

The skies are echoing the cries of this sin. Don’t you hear them?






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