Photo Challenge #3 (Days 11-16)


June 11, Silhouette
These are garlic “flowers” almost overripe. As soon as they finished preening and posing for the camera I harvested them.


June 12, Sun Flare.
I caught this sun flare while trying to get a silhouette the day before.


June 13, Reminder of Childhood
This is a photo of my granddaughter playing with my collection of glass marbles. They remind me of marble games I often played in the fine dust behind our house with my older brother, Gaylord, or at school with a boy named Pete. I remember the conversations we held over our games more than the actual games themselves. My brother used to keep me informed of the war in Vietnam and Pete was concerned that I hadn’t been baptized yet. Both were heavy topics for a little 9 year old girl like me.


June 14, Someone I Love
This is a photo of my husband doing what he loves, which is nurturing his raised bed vegetable garden.


June 15, Action
About the only action on our empty-nest farm is my lawnmower who thinks she’s a team of wild horses every now and then. She pays no attention to me when I explain that I shifted into high gear instead of into low by mistake. She takes off like a rocket, sending my head backward and turning my eardrums upside down, which sends mixed signals to my brain to laugh and scream at the same time! That makes it extremely hard to keep from banging into the barn or mowing over one of my husband’s newly planted fruit trees. (Which I have always managed to avoid, thank the Lord!)


June 16, Mason/Jelly Jars
This photo was actually taken in the early morning sunlight, with the sun providing the illumination of the tableware behind the jars. The shaded picnic area in the background gives the photo the illusion of night.


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