June Photo Challenge #6 (25 – 30)

June 25, Citrus


To make fresh (and honest, as my daughter-in-love calls real and wholesome food) lemonade slice a mess of lemons as thinly as possible. The more slices you get out of a lemon the more juice you’ll have. Pour sugar over them then pour almost boiling water over. Mash well with a potato masher. Place ice in pitcher and transfer lemon/sugar mixture to the pitcher. Add good non-chlorine water to desired strength. You may need to adjust sugar and lemon to suit your taste. We like it only slightly sweet and not real strong with lemon. Notice I didn’t include the amounts of ingredients, but that’s because that’s simply the way I cook. If its too sweet, add more lemon and water. Too strong with lemon, add more water. Too weak, add more of whatever it needs. Its very sinple and oh, so delish!

June 26, Favorite Color


June 27, My Weakness


They say confession is good for the soul, so I’m giving mine a real boost today. Anything to do with the internet, computer, digital photography and editing, blogging and writing, are my weaknesses. *GULP* (That was a hard pill to swallow.)

June 28, Transportation


My wheels. They say you can’t teach an old dog new tricks but this old dog has learned not to grunt when driving down the road with the emergency brake engaged. It used to growl menacingly if I forgot to release it but now he runs down the road 50 miles an hour with scarcely a whimper, braked or un-braked.

June 29, Trees


June 30, Family


With our family scattered over 7000 miles we stay connected with pictures. It is also amazing how united we are through our common love for Christ. Even though we’ve not been together since 2010 we are in constant touch through prayer.

And now this amazing project has come to an end. We had approximately 25 members that participated from about 10 or 12 states and four countries, all connected by family, church, or friendship. We had two births, one stillborn, one bad robbery, lots of laughter, bitter tears, gasps at each other’s awesome photos, and lots of lessons learned and friendships formed during this month, June, 2012.


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