Where The Roses Never Fade

Yesterday, once the dinner dishes were cleared away, my mother, brother, his wife, and I went to a friend of ours who is bedfast from advanced MS. She recently lost her father and also had a birthday on Saturday that we wanted to celebrate. As always, her radiance and joy in her Jesus blessed us more than I can tell. Just before leaving for her house I had run to the bookcase and grabbed a hymnal so we could sing for her and below is one of the songs we sang:

Where The Roses Never Fade

(The songwriters and composers are mentioned only as Elsie, Jack and Jim.)

1. I am going to a city, where the streets with gold are laid,
Where the Tree of Life is blooming, and the roses never fade.

2. In this world we have our troubles, Satan’s snares we must evade;
We’ll be free from all temptations, where the roses never fade.

3. Loved ones gone to be with Jesus, in their robes of white arrayed,
Now are waiting for my coming, where the roses never fade.

Here they bloom but for a season, soon their beauty is decayed;
I am going to a City where the roses never fade.


Roses & Crepe Myrtle


5 thoughts on “Where The Roses Never Fade

  1. Thanks for visiting her. I was there Saturday. She can’t hold her Bible (nor see) well enough to read it, so I always try to read to her. Boy, that songs brought back memories! I haven’t thought of that one in a long time!


    • Thank you so much. You know what a blessing she is to everyone she meets. Her life is a vibrant, indisputable testimony of the Amazing Grace of God. Bless you for being her eyes and hands for her. I know she enjoys that so much.


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