Schrock Reunion Comin’ Up!

Starting tonight!
And going through Sunday noon!
It’s a reunion of my mother’s family.


There is something wonderful about family reunions that can’t be experienced anywhere else. The shared genes and ancestors, shared experiences and memories, and shared personality traits and quirks are the ties that bind. This weekend we plan to hold an Ezra Schrock family reunion. There will be relatives there from Colorado, Wisconsin, Michigan, Indiana, Pennsylvania, Virginia, North Carolina, Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi, and probably some places I’ve missed.


This picture was taken in 1954 of my mother’s family. She and my father are in the second row on the far left, holding my older brother and sister. (I hadn’t arrived on the scene yet.) Four of those pictured are in Heaven now, both my grandparents, my uncle standing in the back between them, and the little girl up front, my only aunt. To that initial family of thirteen, 244 in-laws, grandchildren and great-grandchildren have been added, unless I mis-counted (especially the great-grands.)

This will be a weekend of much laughter, singing, praying, reminiscing, and of course, plenty of eating. Throw in some fun and games and visiting around the dinner tables and we have a full weekend ahead of us.

Right now I have Texas Trash baking in the oven. It’s a medium hot party mix, with just a little bang to it but not bangity bang.

And more reunion food still needing to be fixed will be Warm Bean Dip, saurkraut and link sausages, with mashed potatoes on the side to spoon it over. That is an old Amish favorite, handed down from my husband’s family.


For old times sake I went to a very old McNess Cookbook and decided to bake Date Nut Bars. They remind me of Date Pinwheel Cookies that Grandma Schrock used to make. She had cookie sheets with a starburst pattern so all of her cookies had that pattern on the bottoms of them as well. That pattern on the bottom of the cookies made them extra special. I remember watching her make those delicate cookies, then when they came out of the oven she’d expertly scoop the first one off the pan with her spatula and slide it off it on the kitchen counter right in front of my nose. She knew little girls.


Date Nut Bars

1 pound dates cut fine
1 cup nutmeats
3 eggs beaten separately
1 cup sugar
1 1/2 cups flour
3 teaspoonsful baking powder
1 teaspoonful vanilla

Put in square pans and bake, cutting immediately. When cool put in bag of powdered sugar and shake. They are better than candy.

(Taken from a McNess ‘Round the World’ Cookbook. No copyright date.)

Please pardon the poor quality photos. It was due to poor equipment in reproducing them.


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