Dear Jesus, do You see a little girl who is smiling through her tears?

Yes, I see her.

What can you do for her?

I will hold her in my lap and just hold her.

Can she lay her head on Your shoulder?

Yes she may. But first may I ask her a question?


Little girl, why are you smiling and crying at the same time?

The little girl looks up into Jesus’ face with tears of joy pooled in her eyes. She dabs clumsily at them with her sleeve yet they trickle down her cheeks. Tenderly, Jesus dries them with His gentle hand.

I’m smiling because the ground that I had yielded to the enemy, through long years of bitterness and hurt, has been taken back through the power of Your blood. I’m smiling because You have restored my heart. It had been blackened with sin, and now – now – my heart is whole again. Its healthy and clean. Its of the purest white in all the world, and light and free. I’m smiling because I’m no longer hurting.

Jesus holds the little girl just a little closer and she lays her head contendedly on His shoulder. She exhales with a long sigh full of eternal joy.



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