Freedom Week Painting

Several weeks ago my husband and I spent a week at Freedom Hills Ministries for some good, Biblically-based marriage counselling. It is located in the heart of Amish country at Holmes County, Ohio. We felt so well-cared for by the staff and our counsellor that it was very humbling and rejuvenating. Lots of prayers were answered and we left feeling as though we had touched the loving face of Jesus. As the week progressed the image of hands helping lift others up kept coming to my mind so that by the week’s end I knew what my next painting would be.


I first sketched the hands on computer paper and cut them out to use as stencils while I spray painted the background.


Then I began to paint features on the hands; creases, knuckles and fingernails.



One of the thumbs – the right one on the upper hand – just wouldn’t look right. The knuckle was at the wrong place and the thumb was too short. I tried to extend the thumb but that only made it look bigger and fatter so I gave up.


In a discussion about it with a friend I jokingly remarked that I may need to put a bandage on it. After a few minutes I began to actually consider that. It might add to the message of the painting, give it a deeper level of meaning.


Pain understands pain. Hopefully, the Band-aid will portray sympathy.


Here is the final product. I apologize for placing my watermark across it, but after all, this is the worldwide web.


The waterlily is symbolic of purity, which portrays the gift that we received through the miraculous power of forgiveness at the cross of Christ. Nothing in either of our lives has ever come close to giving us such depth of freedom. The short musical stanza beneath the waterlily is the first phrase of “Amazing Grace,” which is truly our prayer these days.

Before I can send it to Freedom Hills as a thank you gift I need to have the painting preserved and a hanger installed on the back.

(I suppose, for the real artists out there I should include technical details. The entire painting was done in acrylic craft paints and with less than adequate brushes. LOL. So okay, real artists don’t paint with dimestore stuff, but maybe real artists don’t tell all their secrets either.)


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