Some are ‘Goodby, goodby’s’, and others are only ‘See ya later’s’. In recent weeks we’ve said goodby to:

* A close friend, Judy. We went to the same church for awhile and homeschooled our children together. After the children were out of school we belonged to the same motorcycle club, called the TenderBottoms Riding Club (riding shotgun with our husband’s, of course,) Judy was a friend who could comfortably talk “cancer” and early into our conversations shared what God was doing in her heart. Cancer got her and I’m still so surprised its hard to believe. (Wiping tears.) But praise God, that goodby was only a ‘See ya later.’

* The martins. They raise their families way too fast to suit me, and now they’ve said goodby and are gone for the winter. The yard is much too quiet. Another “See y’all later.”

* Corn-on-the-cob. Here and gone – in a flash. That’s a long “see ya later.”

I recently heard a man relate a conversation that he’d had with a father of eight children. The father said he didn’t like corn-on-the-cob.

“What?! I’ve never heard of anyone who didn’t like corn-on-the-cob!” the man exclaimed.

With intense feeling the father said, “I HATE corn-on-the-cob! Have you ever heard eight children sitting around a table all eating corn-on-the-cob?!”

*Past sins and guilt, emotional pain and security walls, isolation and depression were taken to Jesus and He buried them at the foot of His cross where they completely disappeared! “Goodby, goodby!”

*Figs. I can no longer find sweet, tree-ripened figs to snatch as I drive slowly by the fig trees while cutting the grass. “See ya’ll next year.”



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