“When I Am Old…

…..I want to be just like your Pa-pa.”

Those were the words a young father from the country where our daughter lives said to me last week. He is here in the States to visit us and because he and his wife and children “adopted” our daughter and granddaughter into their family many years ago, he seems like a son to us even though this is his first time in our home. He spent several days last week doing some repairs at my parents’ home.

“Your father – he is so sick and might die at any time but he is not sad. He is not worried,” he spoke softly. “He is waiting for God to pick him up and carry him Home. He reads the Bible to your Ma-ma. Then they pray together. I want to be just like him when I am old.”


(Of course, I listened with happy tears sliding down my cheeks. I brushed them away but for no reason because more took their places. I feel blessed beyond words for the parents God gave to me.)


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