When God Makes Up His Jewels

The cry is going up all across the earth, Revival,  Revival, Revival!


Almost universally, at least throughout the world’s wealthier nations, there has been a falling away among God’s people. Legalism has replaced holiness, tolerance is mistaken for love, Bible knowledge is substituted for Holy Spirit fire, and wealth and wellness is mistaken for faith. Independance is sought after in place of inner peace, and entertainment is easier to attain than joy. The end result of this longterm spiritual drought is not pretty and we are experiencing some terrible consequences here in America already and can expect little improvement until God’s people repent of this hollow form of Christianity.

When we repent of our sins we are as precious jewels to God, rare, beautiful and priceless. The opposite is true when we rebel against Him and create our own religions. Genuine spiritual revival is our only hope if we expect to save our children and grandchildren for eternity.


One soul at a time, one moment at a time, revival must happen so God can open His Treasure Chest and find it full of precious jewels – which means – us.


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