When Things Are Not as They Appear

Who could ever tell that this is not a photo of a sunset?


Neither is this:


And who could tell that this is not a heart shaped carving in a tree?


The first photo is of my truck. Ok, it’s a photo of the windshield of the truck.

The second photo is also of my truck. It’s the back right fender. Yeah, you could tell that one wasn’t the real thing.

The third photo is of a tree. Well……. that’s only partially true. It’s where a branch was cut off of the tree – and reflected in a hand mirror.

So what does it matter if things aren’t as they appear?


3 thoughts on “When Things Are Not as They Appear

  1. PIctures, just like words, will occur differently for one person to the next. I really like this blog entry, but I cant begin to let you know how much it makes me think. …about how people communicate and how they observe their world.


    • You’re thinking? Ha Ha. Coulda fooled me. *chuckling* (After visiting your blog one cannot help but chuckle at your comments.)

      Seriously though, thank you for this comment. Sometimes what I write is intended to cause one to pause and think. Other times they are intended only to tickle the funny bone. This one started out intending to do neither but the final sentence sort of threw it into the Thoughtful Bin.


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