That One Flaw

I like my cat.


She isn’t great big and fat like a lot of house cats are (referring to my grandcat,) even though she’s eating every time she turns around. Her former owner said she’s ten years old but she doesn’t seem that old. Especially not when she runs from one end of the house to the other, just to run, or when she fights with a little sock one of the grandchildren left here, or goes beserk over an old New Years Eve hat with glittery fringe.


She’s friendly but not underfoot. She has very soft, clean fur and pretty, innocent eyes.


Her name is Belle. When she’s extra sweet she’s Silver Belle. When she’s silly she’s Tinkerbell. When she’s bad she’s Bel-LEEE! And when she kneads while sitting on my lap she’s STOP IT OR I’LL THROW YOU ON THE FLOOR!


4 thoughts on “That One Flaw

  1. This cat is so interesting. I don’t even know her cause she’s always hiding unless the kids aren’t there. Maybe one day she will be as big as Gunther. 🙂


    • Ya, she’s a good cat. Even Dad agrees a little. If it weren’t for her wanting to knead when she first gets in my lap she’d be perfect. At first I used to be able to just tell her to stop and she would. Then she started to ignore me so I’d snap her paws and she’d stop. Now she won’t listen at all so I just push her off. She hates that and sulks a while but usually comes back with a repentant attitude. 🙂 I hope she doesn’t get as big as Gunther. Her frame is smaller so I kind of expect her to stay small.


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