Life Lesson #1: Jeremiah Eighteen: One Through Six

Recently I was unhappy with an art project I’d done too hastily. I painted over it and turned it into something entirely different. Now I like it. The artist can do that with her own creation, but don’t let anyone else try it. If you mess with my paintings, I’ll show you the back door in a hurry. (So not true, for I’m a southern lady. I’m a Christian southern lady, bless my heart. I wouldn’t show you the back door, but I’ll probably not invite you back anytime soon.)

There’s a lesson here:

God is the Amighty Creator of everyone on this planet. We have no problem with that, but sometimes we are very unhappy with the other “creations” we interact with. They don’t like us, they don’t respect us, and secretly we’d like to “wring their scrawny little necks” and make them into other “vessels, fit for the Master’s use!” It can get just that bad sometimes.

Recently I was ruminating another’s wrongs when the Holy Spirit reminded me of the story in Jeremiah of the clay pot in the potter’s hands that didn’t turn out right. Because it was his own creation, he could crush it and make it into a new and different one. Suddenly I saw that “other person” as God’s creation just as surely as I am, too, and it sort of dawned on me that they’re a work in progress, just as I am. I am not the same person I was forty years ago, twenty years ago, or even five years ago. My Creator has broken me over and over, always refashioning me into someone more useful to His Kingdom. I don’t regret becoming a better person. I thank God for it. He’s my Creator, and its His right. But can I leave the breaking and refashioning of someone else to her Creator? If I attempt to break her and make her into someone more useful to the Kingdom of God, the Creator might not show me the door, for He’s too much of a gentleman, but He may not invite me back for a while. Or, He may invite me back, but He might not offer me a cup of iced tea with biscuits and honey. 


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