Live Now

Don’t presume upon tomorrow.

My family has taught me this lesson well. Below are photos taken by our family, who love life and are not sitting in the anteroom waiting for their ships to come in. They are living their lives right now.


I’ve posted this photo before but it is one of my favorites and I love showing it to people. Our daughter-in-love took the photo of our son who is a chess whiz.


Our youngest daughter entered these photos in a June Photo challenge under the theme, “My Weakness.” Aren’t we glad now that we taught her not to kick and scream when life goes berserk?


This one’s of our son and one of his “top hat” chicks. The photo was taken by his wife. They have only a small farm but raise much of their own food.


This is only a sampling of our eldest daughter’s collection of clocks. She made some of them herself.


One of our three-year-old granddaughters took this photo. I held her up so she could get the shot she wanted through the branches of the tree.


Our other three-year-old granddaughter took this shot of her little sister who was trying to wake up from an afternoon nap.

I also love this quote that our missionary daughter likes: “Always remember that ‘Once upon a time,’ is now.”

Jesus said He’d give us Life to the full. (St. John 10:10)


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