Fresh Herbs

While some of my relatives are enjoying snow I am harvesting herbs. I’m moving quickly, though, because Jack Frost is promising a visit the next few nights.


There’s cilantro and basil ready to cut. Learning from my daughter-in-law that herbs do not always need to be dried, but can be frozen instead, I’ve been cutting, washing, air drying, and then packaging them in serving-sized snack bags. Then I pack all the small bags inside gallon-sized freezer bags to freeze. I saw an idea on Pinterest ( to preserve fresh herbs by whirling washed herbs in a blender with broth or water, pour into ice cube trays and freeze. Once frozen you can store them in freezer bags in the freezer and pop the cubes into whatever you’re cooking. I think I’ll try that.


2 thoughts on “Fresh Herbs

    • Have you seen my pallet garden? I’m growing some green peas, herbs and lettuce right up by the back of the house out of the north wind in a nice new pallet and in some concrete blocks. I’m hoping to grow some things through the winter. Come get whatever you want.


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