This photo was taken by my daughter who lives in a culture where spiritual darkness is almost the code of living. The photos following are revised versions created in my PicsArt editing app. Scroll through them for my personal opinion about Halloween.




Pardon me…..


if you love Halloween…..




there is nothing about it….


that I like.


Like this buzzard, you can dress it up, try to masquerade it as something harmless and fun, but deep down its still a buzzard.


5 thoughts on “Halloween!

  1. we are putting out a sign on the door explaining to our neighbor kids that we are not participating. i believe everyday belongs to the Lord Jesus Christ, but this one day is given over to celebrating the Usurper Satan and his designs for this world and it’s people.
    share Jesus, shine the Light in the darkness, do more than abstain. Proclaim!!

  2. Oh, Jewel, that is so well put. Such a powerful object lesson. As someone said yesterday, why would anyone want to celebrate the darkness of evil?? It challenges me to find ways to celebrate the light of Jesus.

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