Life Lesson #3: The Bridge

When our eldest granddaughter was 5 years old she wanted to learn to read so much that she memorized lots of her favorite books so it would seem as if she was reading. But actually learning to read was much more difficult and sometimes seemed overwhelming to her. One day I made a remark about her going to school the next year, to which she replied, “Next year? I won’t have to go to school next year.”

I said, “Oh honey, you will probably be going to school for the next twelve years, at least.”

She looked both puzzled and dismayed as she objected with, “But when I know how to read there won’t be anything else to learn.”

I chuckled and informed her that reading was only a bridge from the world she knew then to the world that was waiting for her to know.

Salvation is a little like that for us spiritually. Being saved by the blood of Christ is not a destination, it is only the bridge to eternal life – a whole new world waiting for us to know! Use the bridge. The GPS coordinates for it are found in the Bible at St John 3:16. But don’t be satisfied with merely standing on the bridge, cross on over it. The bridge is a miracle of love, mercy and forgiveness, but eternal life is waiting for you on the other side and it is heavenly!



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