Types and Shadows of Jesus: The Passover Lamb

In the book of Exodus we read of the Israelites, who were descendants of Jacob, and about how terribly they suffered at the hands of their Egyptian masters. Thankfully, the time came when God arranged for their rescue with plans of a midnight escape (Chapter 12.) Because the Egyptians would not allow them to leave, even though terrible plagues troubled them, God arranged for a midnight raid of the death angel upon the entire land of Egypt as a last resort. It would be a very grievous night.

However, God provided a way to escape the death angel for the Israelites. He instructed all of the Hebrew fathers to place a sign on the exterior of their houses that would signal to the death angel that their home was to be spared. They were instructed to kill a sacrificial lamb for what would be called a passover feast and to sprinkle its blood over the doorpost of their house. When the angel saw that blood he would pass over and no one would die. Any family, whose doorposts were not sprinkled with blood would suffer the death of their firstborn son, the firstborn male of their servants, and the firstborn males of their livestock. (Ex. 12:29)

The requirement made no mention about the morals of the firstborn son, whether he had been good, or whether he had been not-so-good, or whether he had even been criminal. His life did not hang on his behavior, it depended upon the blood on the doorpost.

Jesus Christ is our sacrificial Lamb. His death on the cross provided the blood for the sprinkling of the doorposts of our hearts. It matters not whether we have been good, or not-so-good, or whether we have even been criminal. Jesus’ blood is what matters. No one has been good enough to earn their own salvation and no one has been too bad to disqualify themselves. It doesn’t depend upon us, it depends entirely upon the power of Christ and His Blood. We owe Him our love and thanks.




3 thoughts on “Types and Shadows of Jesus: The Passover Lamb

  1. AMEN, AMEN, AMEN!!! Not dependent on what or who we are but on HIS grace. What a reason to give thanks! Have a wonderful Thanksgiving, my friend!



  2. I really enjoy seeing Christ in the Old Testament. God’s Word is really all about His Son! Praise God that my salvation is not dependent on me, but on Jesus’ blood sacrifice. Thank you for sharing.


    • Yes, Jesus Christ is the central Figure of the Bible, and really, of all time – from Creation to right now, to the end. That fact is one of the most crucial elements of our faith in Him. We have so much to be thankful for. Thanks for your comment.


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