Freedom From Want

Painting by Norman Rockwell


This is what we’re doing today. My husband will cook the turkey and his “to-die-for” dressing, and maybe a sweet potato casserole. I’ll pull sweet corn from the freezer and maybe cut lettuce from my pallet garden at my back door for a fresh salad. One of the girls is bringing pecan pie and another the ice cream. There are cinnamon pickles chilling in the frig, made especially for this day way back around the 4th of July, and olives to go with them on the relish dish. We had decided not to go all out for dinner today because my extended family plans to be together for supper. But you know how that went when we began to plan our meal. There’s just something about traditions, even with food. And oh yes, I nearly forgot to mention the new recipe I tried with a Cranberry Apple Casserole (the recipe I shared with you yesterday.) It looks pretty nice too.

The only thing wrong with our perfect day is that not everyone can be here. One of our children and her child are overseas, and our son and his family live over 3500 miles away. We will stay in touch, though, in spite of the miles and still have a good time.

We are blessed beyond measure – besides the bountiful material blessings, the warm and funny family we have, and the lovely little farm on which we live – the windows of Heaven have been poured out upon us in all their richness in terms of love and joy and forgiveness of our sins – all of which we do not deserve!

As I write, I write with an ache in my heart. Not an ache of complaint about my life, but an ache of realization that we are blessed with a rare experience, in family, health, spiritual freedom, emotional wellness, and good, old fashioned love. Because I realize that to have these things is rare, I want to offer what I can to those of you who will not be sitting down to a table like the one Norman Rockwell painted above. Or you may sit down to the table but not everyone will be there. The empty chair will hurt noticably. Or you may have the table, the food, and the family, but not everyone’s on speaking terms. Or you may not have any of the things portrayed in the painting, no family or food, and today is just like any other day. So what can I offer you? I am not an expert in anything, least of all advice for a lonely Thanksgiving  Day, but in trying to put myself in your shoes, I think what I would almost have to do is find someone else in my same situation, and if you find enough people in that situation, make a day of memories, for there will always be good things to do when people share the same joys. That may not be practical advice for every situation, but maybe in some unique way you can touch someone’s life today, and make it a good day. Love is never wasted, you know.

Be Blessed This Thanksgiving Day, 2012, and may the God of Peace be Praised!


3 thoughts on “Freedom From Want

    • Thank you. We did. And I hope you were comforted yesterday, as I’m sure you especially missed your son. I read your posts with your loss in mind many times because you often express deep love and commitment to God, and that can come only through personal experience. Blessings to you and your family.


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