Pain. Grief. Disappointment. Hurt. Regret.

Like a brick wall, it can imprison us and keep us from really enjoying life.


We can freeze it out of our minds and hide it for a long time, maybe our entire lives.


We can lash out at others to avenge our unbearable pain.


We can seethe silently, mentally licking our festering wounds.


We can talk about it, and then talk some more, and then some more and some more, until every sympathetic ear is our sounding board. All of the talk, talk, talk weaves a tightly bound web of fresh pain.


We can medicate it, drown it, or twist it into something even worse with mind-numbing substances.


We can crowd it out with busy schedules.


But is there a cure for it?


Yes, there is. He’s called The Great Physician for exactly this!

“Dear Jesus,

I am hurting deeply. Do You see my pain? Do you care about my grief? What am I to do with all my regret? Can You redeem my situation?

Do You see my ugly pile of trash at the foot of Your cross? Can You do something with that trash?

Do You see my heart, all purple with bruises? Can You rub healing salve over it with Your large but gentle hands?

Do You love me? Can You hold me close to Your heart so I can feel it beating for me?”


“Lo, I am with you always, even to the end of the world. Amen.”

In today’s language Jesus’ words might say, “I’m telling you the truth, I will never leave you, especially not during the most difficult times of your lives.”


4 thoughts on “Pain. Grief. Disappointment. Hurt. Regret.

  1. When I think on the cross and all He endured for me.. me… who sinned against him and did not love Him.. yet He chose to forgive me and die for me. If I really, really understand this then I will seek His grace to forgive others.

    Excellent post!


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