Denominations Within

St. John 17; The “High Priestly” Prayer of Jesus.

In the Scripture above Jesus prayed for unity among His followers. This is an extremely important point that I have seldom heard anyone speak about. Jesus said plainly why it was important. Read on.

Where there is little unity among an organization there is usually drama, drama, drama. The Bible refers to us as the Bride of Christ. Imagine a bride with so much drama going on during the wedding that the groom is all but forgotten. What sort of wedding would it be if the wedding party and guests are constantly kept in a stew to please the bride’s extreme sensitivity to details. Imagine if she disapproved of some of the guests and asked that they leave? Imagine if she believed her way was the only way and refused to consider other’s points of view. Imagine if she cared so much about herself that she never noticed the groom’s love for her and was unable, then, to love him or anyone else? Imagine the chaos and confusion.

It hurts me to observe a lot of this same sort of confusion going on in the universal Bride of Christ, especially between denominations. People are so bent on attracting people to their particular church that our Groom is all but forgotten. No one notices His love for His people. All we can see is our particular church and denomination.

According to the Scriptures, do you believe that the different denominations that exist within the Bride of Christ were His idea?

In Jesus’ passionate prayer for His followers (as listed at the top of this post) He prayed that they would be united in spirit as He and the Father were united. And the reason was to convince the world that the Father had sent Him to us. (St. John 3:16) When there are so many divisions and cold shoulders among His disciples its no wonder unbelievers are so hard to convince that Jesus is God. The Bride of Christ suffers from terribly tattered clothing.

Think about this: if Jesus were to come today and walk among us as a man, which denomination would He join? If He joined any single one the rest would hardly accept Him. That is how divided we have become. It’s a shame and one I deeply regret.

*Okay, I will step off my soapbox now. Shall we rise for closing prayer?*



2 thoughts on “Denominations Within

  1. Wise words here. Thank you. I was led out of the denominational blues a long time ago, thankfully. Then I learned that a true bond of unity in each local body needs division and a bothersome party spirit too (1st Corinthians 11:18, 19). I struggled with that for a long time!

    You’re so right — it’s all about Jesus. He binds us together.


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