Seven Tips

on how to make this Christmas one to remember.



Hint: Jesus said, “It is more blessed to give than to receive.”

1.Too many activities and too much stress can kill the enjoyment of the Christmas season. Right now, at the beginning of the month, sit down with your family and discuss which events they would like to attend and which  ones can be skipped.

2. Togetherness will bring much joy to you as a family and bless others at the same time. Restrict gift-giving but increase time spent caring for others, including random strangers.

3. Children love gifts, but don’t overwhelm them with more than one or two. Giving children all they want, (and more,) teaches them self-centeredness and tempted to greed. Christmas is a season of benevolence, but it must be taught by our examples.

4.   Do you want a beautifully decorated home? Trees and lights, ribbons and bows are beautiful and add much to the Christmas season, but they are expensive. Make a commitment this Christmas to be content with what you have and don’t buy on credit. Financial freedom is worth much more than what we might consider the perfect Christmas.

5. In addition to reviewing and re-enacting the birth of Jesus, remember the purpose for His mission to earth as a man. Include the Easter story in the Christmas story. It makes perfect sense of the real meaning of the angels’ joyous songs, and why Jesus was born in a humble manger.

6. Prayer is a vital part of Christmas. Draw your family together by practicing a spirit of prayer and thanksgiving to Christ for giving us this most joyful season of the year. Blessings always pour from the windows of Heaven when we give Him our praise.

7. Don’t forget the critters of the forest. Take a walk in the quiet woods and leave gifts of peanut butter, birdseed, suet and fruit for the birds. Meat scraps and various greens can be left for the 4-footed creatures. Doing as many acts of kindness this month will make it very special.

Be Blessed This Christmas!





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