It’s A Sad Day

Yesterday was a tragic day for our nation when a 20-year-old young man allegedly entered an elementary school and shot and killed 27 people. (He was also killed in the rampage but I’m not sure if he killed himself or was killed by someone else.) Most of those killed were 10 years old and younger. He is also reported to have killed his mother.

Words fail us because our minds cannot grasp the insanity of this kind of killing.

One of my daughters posted her thoughts on her Facebook that I think should cause our nation to stop and consider the real implications of this tragedy. Human life is no longer regarded as sacred so why should we be so shocked when someone takes innocent lives to express his own emotions, but applaud expectant parents who do the same in abortion clinics?

All life is sacred. All of our children are innocent, regardless of whether they are in the womb or in the fourth grade in school.


4 thoughts on “It’s A Sad Day

  1. Everybody keeps asking what can we do to stop this kind fo thing and I just want to tell them, change your home life, that’s where it starts. What is it gonna take for America to wake up and realize that we need God in our Country? Why are we surprised by these kind of acts if we want God out of schools, we let our kids do whatever they want, we only need God during the hard times, etc. etc. America needs to wake up. That said, this was tragic and my hearts go out to these families. I cried numerous times watching the news.


  2. This is a shocking and disturbing thing to learn about. So many lives will be deeply and permanently damaged by this terrible atrocity. Events of this kind are just one reason why I stopped watching the news several months ago.


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