Fireworks in 2012?

According to the new WordPress Stats page, there were fireworks in my blog this past year, with over 5,700 visits. People from 59 countries stopped to peruse what I had to say and show. My most popular topics surprised me. By far my most popular posts have been my series about the Types and Shadows of Jesus, followed by a DIY on melting down those small bars of hotel soaps, and my picture tutorial of how to make a wire sculpture bonsai tree.

Reading my annual stats caused me to analyze more than what it is people are most enjoying on my blog. It made me lean my head back, close my eyes and think.

Merciful words. Have I posted mercifully?

Types and Shadows. Who would have thought?

Blogging. So why do I blog?

I blog for the fun of it. I blog because I love making new friends. I blog for validation as a writer and photographer. And I blog as a witness to the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

However, blogging holds its secret dangers and fears. It can be a two-sided mirror, revealing more than we had intended.  Public blogs can endanger ourselves and our families, so learning to blog with both the blessings and dangers in mind requires both discretion and honesty. I learned some of these lessons the hard way with a former blog and had gradually shut that one down. After several years of silence I stepped back into the blogosphere (last January 2) with trepidation and am discovering that my new “sailor’s feet” feel quite well.

So why did decide to blog again?

For me, it’s a little like breathing. It’s vital to living – fireworks or no fireworks! To God be the glory!



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