Uncle Arthur Bedtime and Bible Stories


The Bible Story, by Arthur S. Maxwell. Published jointly by Pacific Press, Review and Herald, and Southern Publishing Associations.

Remember them? I was raised on these books. When I heard stories from the Bible when I was a little girl, my mental images were often inspired by the beautiful paintings in these books, especially those by Kenneth Taylor. I took them for granted because I thought everyone had them and they were about as common as the Bible. But when I grew up and had children of my own, and we didn’t have Uncle Arthur Bible Storybooks to read to them, something seemed sadly missing in our lives. Times were hard, though, and we didn’t spend for books.

One blessed day a Seventh Day Adventist, from the denomination who published the books, came to our house with these two sets of books to sell, the Uncle Arthur Bible Stories and the Bedtime Stories. My husband and I looked at each other. We looked at the books. We knew how much they cost and how little we had, but we scraped enough together to buy them, and never regretted it. Our children grew up on Uncle Arthur stories,too, and they say many of their mental pictures of the old time Bible stories were formed by the illustrations in them, too. Now, its our grandchildren who love these books and the circle of life continues. Some things are not meant to become antiques.


5 thoughts on “Uncle Arthur Bedtime and Bible Stories

  1. We used to be able to read these at our pediatrician’s, when I was a child. I also blog about memories. I grew up in rural south Alabama, along with cows and horses and Mom’s and Dad’s country store. I’d love for you to check it out!


  2. I love these books! I’m so thankful I found an almost new set of the Bible Stories at the thrift store! Now, If I can just find the bedtime story ones.


  3. We are blessed to read how the Uncle Arthur series has impacted several generations in your family. We have the Uncle Arthur Bedtime Stories collection. We enjoy reading these aloud together as a family. Isabella enjoys reading the stories herself and the little ones like to browse through the pictures. We also have the “My Bible Friends” series by Etta B. Degering and also published by Review and Herald and Pacific Press. The content and illustrations are similar to the Uncle Arthur Bible Stories.


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