I Wish I Knew


What’s wrong with me?

As much as I love art, stained glass, night lighting, and old churches, there is something in me that does not like Christian art such as portrayed in the window above.

Stained glass windows usually mean “church” and somehow have come to symbolize religion and Christianity. That does not mean they symbolize the Christian experience. Religion so easily, and often without our realizing it, can substitute for authentic relationship and intimacy with Christ. Maybe that is why I don’t much care for religious symbols. The Bible speaks its most harsh and judgmental words about religious clothing, religious rituals and religious prayers. I add to that list, religious jewelry, religious furniture, religious publications, even religious blogs. According to the Scriptures they are wearisome to God. Numerous times in the Bible He thundered impatiently to His people just how tired He was of their religion. (Isaiah 1:13,14; Rev. 3:14-17) Could it be possible He feels the same way about our religion, innocent as we may appear and even feel? I don’t know. I just don’t know.

Ok, having said all that, don’t go out and remove your stained glass windows from your old churches. But you might want to consider this thought when selecting new ones. *Sigh….. Did I really say all this?*


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