The Month For Love


Red roses and pink hearts and white teddy bears. And don’t forget the chocolates.

It’s February already! Yesterday was Christmas and tomorrow’s Valentine’s Day! How does this happen every year?

Valentines Day is something like a mini-Christmas: not as big or consuming, but similar in its meanings of love and charity. But as an extra bonus, Valentines Day is a very special time for sweethearts. However, its not only for couples, its a time for families to express their love for each other and to have a wonderful time doing so. However, like Christmas, Valentine’s Day can be overwhelming when we’re suddenly on the day with little or no time or money to do what you’d like to do. Little Miss Disorganized has been thinking of ways to get prepared ahead of time so I won’t be caught in a panic on February 14. You may like to try some of these suggestions, too. Here’s what I’ve been thinking:

1. Make Valentine’s Day special for the forgotten souls (especially the elderly) in your community by remembering them with a rose or small gift. Take it to them with your spouse or with your family. Doing acts of kindness together draws loved ones even closer.

2. Make a special day even more special by planning for a beautiful dinner for the one you love, free from problems and stress. If you’re married this day is especially important for your relationship. You might cook and decorate for a special dinner or plan a night out. Crown the evening with 1 Corinthians 13. You may read or recite it together, and then pray blessings for each other.

3. Watch the sunset together, or if it’s raining, kiss in the rain.

4. Go shopping together and buy one new thing for each of you.

5. Parents and grandparents can create a very a special evening for the children. If that’s you, try one or two of these ideas: build a blanket fort and read stories inside it. If the weather permits spend some time watching the stars. Then, to settle the giggles down and prepare them for bed, make hot chocolate, banana splits or some other special snack together. Just maybe – you could do all of these suggestions in one very fun evening.

(If the children are too young or too old for these sorts of activities, there are lots of other things parents can do for their families. Just make sure its a fun evening with no worries or problems to cloud it.)

6. Read James 4:1-6 together and pray for God-given strength and grace to do what it says.

7. Remember who comes first in your life so be careful to bless them during this Valentine’s season, the entire month, this whole year, and for a lifetime.

And now, its time to get to work! Valentines Day is only two weeks away!


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