From God, With Amazing Love


Phyllis Miller and Vikki (almost) Miller

A letter to my faithful (and new) Readers,

One of our daughters, Phyllis Miller (single, never married,) is finishing up the adoption of Vikki, a young girl she has cared for since 2004. Adoption Bug, an organization committed to raising funds for adoptive parents, has approved Phyllis as a recipient of proceeds from their website. They sell t-shirts on a webpage committed to Phyllis and Vikki to assist them with the adoption. You may visit their webpage here and browse through the beautiful designs and read their story.

Most of all, please remember them in your prayers.   


Jewel, for all of the Miller family


phyll lamar croquet


God seemed to have given Phyllis a naturally caring heart, even as a child. She was the one who always came alongside the little ones and helped them. Here she is at a family gathering, helping her little cousin play croquet with the rest of us. I think she was around 8 years old when this photo was taken (with my trusty Minolta 35mm film camera.) It is so typical of her to pour her life into mothering a child who needed her.

God has blessed both Phyllis and Vikki with incredible faith in His Power and He has written an amazing story of their lives.


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