A True Story

There was once a man, very conservative and full of faith, who bought an extra business; a flour mill. The millers wheels turned out a very good profit, so the man bought a second mill. Of course, this made the man very busy so what had been important to him at one time no longer seemed as important. There was too much work to do to go to prayer meeting or spend time with the Word, listening to the still small voice of God.

After a time the man bought a third mill, and the wheels hummed on, the flour sold well, and the plain, humble man became very wealthy. By then, there was not enough time to go to church on Sunday evenings either.

As happens to everyone at some point in their lives, the time came for the wealthy man to die. As he lay on his deathbed and the time drew near for him to pass into eternity, he became anxious and leaned forward with his hand cupped to his ear. A family member watching him asked what it was he was listening for and the feeble man replied, “I’m waiting to hear the voice of God, but all I hear are the millers wheels.”

Then the man laid down and died. 

I could substitute any number of things that distract me from what’s really important. Could you, too?


2 thoughts on “A True Story

  1. Yes – just working a job to provide for my family. I have my busy seasons, but thankfully I also have an understanding employer who allows me to prioritize my family time. Yet, even when I am home, I can be easily distracted by the Internet, household projects, etc. Thank you for the reminder that quiet times with the Lord in prayer and His Word are most important!


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