“No, America does not need more grace,

but more law.”


Say what?

Will laws deliver us from sin?

Romans 8:3,4; (my paraphrase)

The law (manmade restrictions for the sake of religion) could do nothing for the deliverance of our souls.

So Jesus left the holiness of Heaven, came to our level to show us how to live, and provided the sacrifice needed to satisfy the holiness of God.

Now we, who sinned and condemned our own souls to eternal separation from God, can be forgiven of our sins…

…and be made righteous (no longer sinful.)

Talk about a complete reversal of the natural state of things!

That’s what we call AMAZING GRACE!

For a really good Bible study on this topic read Romans 6,7, and 8. Chapter six explains what laws can and cannot do. As you read substitute your church’s rules for “law”. (All churches and denominations have some in one form or another.) You will see that laws have their place in our lives to sharpen our conscience but they have no power to deliver us from sin.

Chapter seven describes how futile our best efforts at keeping our rules are in delivering us from sin. It’s a depressing chapter.

But then, in an awesome rush of words, chapter eight pulls our minds heavenward to the glory of Jesus Christ and exhalts Him high above all rules and regulations. Our freedom from sin is a supernatural miracle – a gift from God! Therein lies our spiritual power to live in purity and love! Jesus Christ is our Redeemer, not our laws.


“‘Not by might nor by power but by MY SPIRIT,’ sayeth the LORD.'” Zechariah 4:6


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