A Kiss From God

We have a new grandbaby.


The miracle of new life is as awesome as ever! It is the timeless, sweet, and awesome kiss from God that promises  that He has wonderful things in store for us yet.

Holding a precious, innocent baby holds a bittersweet joy and sadness at the same time. You can’t help but think of the millions of precious little ones who have been killed before they were born and never had the opportunities to be cared for, and cared about. Don’t let anyone tell you that women have the God-given right to choose the fate of their children’s lives while in their wombs. It isn’t true. The miracle of birth is testimony enough that babies are precious and priceless. They are gifts directly from God and should be treated as His people. Their lives are not in our hands to snuff out as we wish. Killing each other should be considered a crime no matter who it is or where the victim lives. Abortion is like disgustedly wiping God’s kisses from off our faces.


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