Angels – Wingtip to Wingtip

When our eldest daughter was 16 years old she had a bone marrow transplant (BMT) for a recurring bout of Hodgkins Disease. As the preparations for the transplant progressed and the time approached for it to begin, I spoke with other parents whose children had undergone similar transplants, some sucessfully and one that had failed. Their horror stories filled me with a most dreadful fear of what might lie ahead for our daughter. Of course I didn’t talk about it, but inside my teeth were chattering in an ice cold sweat from the mental images those parents had described.

Shortly before we were to report to the hospital (University of Alabama/Birmingham) for the transplant I saw an advertisement for a pretty porcelain doll that was dressed as an angel, sitting on a silver pillow. Its name was, “Every Cloud Has a Silver Lining.”


While looking at that picture I wondered aloud if there are any Scriptures indicating that angels protect us when we are afraid. Immediately our six-year-old daughter said, “Why yes, Mama. It goes like this, ‘The angel of the LORD encampeth round about them that fear Him, and delivereth them. Psalm 34:7.'”

I was astonished! As it turned out the first graders at school had just memorized that verse and it was fresh in our little girl’s mind. How fitting for the time.

We bought that angel doll for our daughter only to discover when we checked her in to the BMT Unit that nothing like that was allowed in her room. However, the hospital staff made an exception in their sanitation rules and allowed her to keep it high on a shelf. From there it could be seen from her bed. Always it reminded us of that comforting truth in Psalm 34:7.

As it turned out, our daughter’s experiences with the bone marrow transplant were very different from the children’s with whose parents I had spoken. She had the shortest stay in the BMT Unit in that hospital up to that time, had all of the post-transplant precautionary restrictions lifted in less than half the usual time, and was taken off all medical care and checkups in only three years instead of the usual five. Last week she celebrated her 34th birthday. Was all of that a “happen so?” Oh no. The angel of the LORD encamped round about her in that BMT unit, and continues to guard her even now!


Our middle daughter, who lives in a third world country, has experienced angelic protection numerous times.


When her money and legal papers were stolen on a flight back there after visiting us she encountered serious problems when trying to re-enter her country. Just miraculously, an “angel” came to her rescue.

Another incident happened during the night one time when loud banging noises were heard in the church building next to her house. She called a neighbor who offered to investigate. He walked through the church but found nothing. As he was searching through the church several of them watching from neighboring homes saw a second man, larger than the neighbor, walking through the building with him. Later, when he was asked who had gone through the building with him he said no one had. But our daughter, granddaughter, and other neighbors all saw another man walking with him. There have been other times, too, that our daughter was in very real danger and was rescued by a complete stranger. I don’t want to take up time here to relate them all but each time it seemed like a miracle that someone came at the time they did.One such time happened in 2010 while I was there to visit.


We were in the big city getting groceries. As we left the store and were pushing the grocery cart to the car with our purchases a very aggressive teenaged boy, looking hungry as a wolf, rushed at us in what appeared to be an attempted robbery. When we heard The Wolf’s heavy footsteps running up behind us we were just getting to the car with our cartful of groceries. My daughter and granddaughter were more alert than I was and sprang into action immediately when they heard the boy running toward us. “GET IN THE CAR!” they yelled.

Instead, I turned around to see what was happening and froze like a frightened rabbit caught in headlights when I saw the young man coming toward us. Just when there were only about ten feet for The Wolf to cover before assaulting us, a slightly built man, seeming completely oblivious to the situation, walked right between us and the would-be robber. That threw him off and he ran between the cars next to us instead. Quickly we began to throw our things into the car but before we could get ourselves safely inside The Wolf returned, this time running toward us from the front of the car. Again, the same slightly built man intercepted him by walking between us and him, and again, he was thrown off and ran between the cars on the other side of us. That gave us the time we needed to jump into the car and lock the doors. When The Wolf saw that we were locked in he stopped, then turned and walked away. We didn’t see where the “angel” went, but it certainly seemed strange that he had walked between The Wolf and us twice, at exactly the right times, first behind our car and then in front of the car.

“The angel of the LORD encampeth round about them….,” WINGTIP TO WINGTIP, “….and delivereth them.”


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