A Case For Modesty


Because today is the LORD’S Day, may I appeal to you to remember the third commandment as you dress for church? When you open your closet and decide on an outfit, I encourage you to remember the part, “to keep it holy.”

Here is the basis for my argument:

God is clothed in honour, majesty and light (Ps. 104:1,2.) Modesty is very important to God.


Both men and women should cover their bodies. (Genesis 9:20-26 relates the account of how Noah’s nakedness affected his sons. 1Timothy 2:9,10 instructs women to refrain from dressing for attention.)

This is especially important to protect our marriage. (As is, modest behavior.)

merv n jewel

Our wedding photo, 1976

The uncovered body opens the door to evil temptations, both to ourselves and to others.

2 Samuel 11:2 and Proverbs 7:10 tell of the devastating effects immodesty can have on us.


Satan and his demons love nakedness!

Luke 8:27 and 35 tell of a man who was possessed by many demons and ran naked among the tombs. He was uncontrollable and always acting out. One glad day Jesus healed him and cast the demons out of him. Not surprisingly, the man whom no one had been able to tame, was found sitting and listening to Jesus and was clothed and in his right mind. That is how drastically opposite the Kingdom of God is from the kingdom of Satan.

second wk March 11 047

Revelation 3:5 – “He that overcometh, the same shall be clothed in white raiment, and I will not blot out his name out of the Book of Life, but will confess his name before my Father and before His angels.”


3 thoughts on “A Case For Modesty

  1. Oh Jewel, I LOVED seeing the picture of your wedding. couldn’t believe it. I would not have remembered Mervin looking like that. You were a handsome couple. 🙂 Your post was wonderful. You have a real ministry in your posts. God bless!!


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