Love in a Calendar

Recently I unearthed this daily flip calendar after a long absence in storage. I updated it with a new coat of paint and gave it a place of prominence in my kitchen. It had been given to me in 2001 while I had breast cancer.


I remember the evening I received it so well. It was at a large family get-together. We had already had a good time enjoying a wonderful supper together. (That was the night I cracked us up by making the thoughtless remark that one good thing about a wig was that when your head got tired you could just take it off and throw it on the dresser.) We were still sitting at the long table in pleasant, and sometimes lively, conversation, when my sister left the table momentarily and came back with a pretty gift bag that she presented to me. I looked inside while everyone watched and pulled out this beautiful, handmade daily flip calendar. I was so surprised I scarcely knew what to say. Everyone was laughing at my bewilderment as I comprehended in fits and starts what it was and how it had come to me. Many weeks earlier my sweet sister had distributed dated 3×5 cards to approximately 150 friends, relatives, and neighbors, and they had taken the time to decorate them for ME! I was completely blown away! Each card held a little something special for that particular date; a Bible verse or short poem, funny things, family photos or magazine clippings, delicious recipes, or personal testimonies of ways that God was blessing them. Most precious of all was that each of them held a familiar signature.

That special flip calendar sat on my kitchen counter for many years. As time passed, we moved to a smaller house with less counter space so it went into a box of sentimental items and was stored in a closet. This winter I redecorated my kitchen, took as many appliances off the counter as possible so there would be room for some decorative things, and that meant I could get the flip calendar out again.

When I decided to do a blog post about the calendar and turned to the card for today, I was surprised to discover it was written by my Aunt Wilma.


She and I went through cancer treatments at the same time, and for that reason this card meant especially much to me. It means even more to me today, for Aunt Wilma is enjoying her Reward now, seeing with her eternal eyes what she saw with eyes of faith at the time she wrote this. No, Aunt Wilma did not survive her cancer, but she was not a victim. She had grace for each day she lived, and she had grace to die. I am so glad she was still here when my sister made this calendar for me.

I was equally delighted when I turned to see who had made tomorrow’s card. My daughter who now lives in Honduras, had made it and she never fails to make me laugh.



3 thoughts on “Love in a Calendar

  1. Oh I love this post! I have quite a few ‘flip charts’ with scriptures for different themes. I have a little doll that sits and holds the cards but I really, really like the holder you are using. I also love the fact that each friend wrote one for you. What a treasure. We have done something similar for baby showers where each woman writes a scripture or advice for the new mother. But, to have something so special when you are going through a horrific trial is wonderful! Thank you for sharing!


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