The Call of the Dove

It had been one of those typical Saturdays. We’d finished our “Saturday cleaning” in the morning and had the afternoon to do as we pleased. For my elder brother and I, that meant playing marbles in the soft dirt behind the house. For Mama and the baby, it meant going to town for the weekly supply of groceries. My younger sister would occupy herself in her playhouse and my elder sister would read a book. Little brother would ride his bicycle up and down our graveled lane, checking up on our marble game when he grew tired. Sometimes my brother was beating me and other times we were lost to the game and discussing scary topics, like what about the Vietnam war? Or, did we think the communist would take over the United States? Who really had shot JFK – and why? And how could people walk on the moon if it was way out in space? And why did they want to anyway?

That particular Saturday afternoon waned into evening and Mama and the baby did not return at the usual time. One by one we stopped what we were doing and went to the house. We talked about fixing supper but none of us did. We ended up back outside on the back patio, waiting for Mama. It grew dark and still she had not come. We sat quietly thinking our own fearful thoughts. A lone dove cooed from the woods behind the house.

“What’s that dove saying?” my big brother asked? He was always the wise one.

The rest of us tried to guess but he always said we were wrong. When we gave up he did a perfect mimic of the bird and said,”It’s saying, ‘Mama – come – home.'”

On a more serious note, let me use this little story to speak to the hearts of parents. Mothers at home, nurturing, entertaining, caring and teaching the children is one of the first steps toward restoring America. (Titus 2:3-5 and 3:1,2 give good instructions for mothers. “….older women be…. teachers of good things, admonish the younger mothers to love their husbands and children…. and to be homemakers, so the Word of God is not blasphemed.

(Mothers should teach their children) to be subject to rulers and to all those in authority, to be ready to do good deeds and not to speak unkindly of others, but to be peaceable, gentle and humble .” My paraphrase.

And by the way, Mama came home soon after that. She had stopped at a few more stores than she usually did and time had merely slipped by. When we saw the headlights of our brown Plymouth station wagon shining in our driveway, all was well.


5 thoughts on “The Call of the Dove

  1. I love this post. I imagined Gaylord as a wise old owl talking to his siblings. 🙂 You are such a gifted writer. So unlike myself. I want to but I just don’t have it within me. 😦

    On Tue, Apr 9, 2013 at 3:42 PM, Merciful Words


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