When Leaves Are the Size of Mouse Ears

I was out on a walk recently, in quest of little babies. These are only a sampling of what I found here at our home.


Baby blossoms on the holly bushes. They mature to small berries that will turn from green to red; so beautiful for Christmas decorations.


Baby oak tree leaves.


Baby pears.


A baby red wasp.


A baby apple blossom, arranged so beautifully by the Creator.


A baby dandelion, the perfect size for a fried dandelion sandwich.


A baby boysenberry blossom bud. (Betcha cant say that.)


Ever heard of walking onions? This baby onion is just learning to walk. Or dance. (Sometimes they get too big for their britches. )

Now below are some of our elderly around here: (we honor them too. )

Let me present unto you Swiss Chard and Kale, the home folks who’ve been residing in the garden since the glorious days of fall.




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