My Sister’s Books

On April 11, around 12:25 pm, my sister’s home was destroyed by a tornado. It’s power and devastation was unbelievable! But my sister and her family were saved in the nick of time by getting in their vehicles and driving away from the approaching storm. Her husband and a daughter and son-in-law were not at home, but were anxiously trying to get there and watched the storm from across the fields. In the aftermath, even though their losses were extensive, the fact that no one was hurt was what really mattered.


This photo was taken by a neighbor and I’m not exactly sure of his name.

My sister had a huge collection of books and after getting dowsed by about four inches of rain most of them had to be thrown away. I took the three huge bags (industrial size garbage bags) of books home with me, planning to burn them for my sister. At first I thought I couldn’t do it, but after leaving them in those bags for a week where they became mildewed and moldy, I finally lit the flame to burn my sister’s books. I won’t downplay how hard it was. Those were hundreds of good, wholesome books. There wasn’t a single cheap pulp fiction among them. I didn’t see even one romance novel. Those good books were very difficult to burn.




My heart aches for my sister and her family, but I rejoice in their faith and strength of character. If its true that you can pretty much tell what kind of person one really is by the books they read, I know that my sister and her family are pure and obedient followers of Jesus, because that’s what those hundreds of books were all about.


3 thoughts on “My Sister’s Books

  1. I am sorry for your sister’s loss of her books. I often reread my favorites, and just gazing at various titles brings back treasured memories of beloved words. And speaking of words, you have described this scene beautifully.

    Thank you for dropping by 1950 Suburban Memories and paying me such a nice compliment. Much appreciated.


  2. This almost makes me cry. They have always had the best books and being a book lover myself, it’s so hard to see those books being burned!


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