Big Bad Wolves

The world is filled with big, bad wolves – things that threaten our peace. They come in real time, through senseless and brutal violence, through changes of circumstances, hurtful words, and in the insecurities of our minds. They lurk in the shadows most of the time and only occasionally charge us outright. Some are real, others are overrated and baseless.

Throughout my life there have always been big bad wolves frightening me. As a 3 yrs. old child, a cat could send me into tears for eating mice. (I remember hiding wet baby mice in my apron pocket to protect them from the cats.) There always have and always will be, loud dogs and large bulls and angry people. And news media. And sad bank statements. And boiling green/black clouds. And political changes. And cancer. There are so many big, bad wolves in the shadows that if I kept on telling you of them they would probably make you sick.

In contrast, Jesus said wolves don’t bother Him. Instead, He frightens them because He holds the trump card?


St. John 10:11-18: (my paraphrase) Jesus Christ is our good Shepherd and protects us from wolves. Other shepherds desert their flocks when the wolves come, but Jesus never has and never will.


He laid down His life for us, and that is proof He is not going to desert us – ever. What’s more is that He laid it down peacefully and willingly. And just as He had the power to lay His life down, so He also had the power to take it back up. That is the same power that saves us from the wolves today. They may growl and even bite, but they cannot destroy us when Jesus is our good, Good Shepherd.



(My parents’ and brother’s homes. I love their sign.)


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