Ten Things I Learned From Mama

Mama in 1950.

Mama taught me:
1. To not play with baby mice – or baby birds.

2. To pray before every meal and at bedtime.

3. How to tie my shoes – and after that – how to tie sashes behind my back. (I never learned that one very well.)

4. That God made animals with feathers and fur to live outside. (She was quite patient with me for believing otherwise.)

5. How to preserve fruits and vegetables, milk and meats.

6. That singing while working lightens the load and cheers the soul.

7. That work always comes before play.

8. That honesty is of utmost importance; that telling a lie is no different than stealing.

9. To be hospitable. She invited anyone and everyone over. Mama hosted Muslims, Hindus, Christians, hitchhikers, schoolteachers, the high-class, the poor folks, the mentally challenged, the
genius, and anyone who needed a meal or a friend.

10. To love God and obey His Word at all times, and when I messed up on that one, to confess, make it right and go on.


That’s me in Mama’s lap. (Taken in 1958.)

Happy Mothers Day Mama. I love you very much!


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