Is The Bible Relevant Today?

If its not, then we have elevated ourselves to the Throne of Judgment and swapped places with God Almighty, judging HIM!


God, the Almighty and Just Creator, inspired men to write His will “on paper” without violating the writers’ styles or personalities. He spoke and they wrote it down through the inspiration and guidance of the Holy Spirit. Every sentence and every word that is in our Bible today is exactly as He intended.


To best study the Word of God read it in the context of the time, place and culture in which it was written, to better understand its spiritual message within its setting. Next, read it to understand the heart and mind of God, as it fits into the whole context of the Bible. And finally, make applications to it in your life. The Christian who does only the first two steps, but fails to make personal applications is the same as a pagan who does not believe it at all.


Imagine that God, perfectly holy and awesome, revealed Himself first through the creation of the universe, then through His spoken Word, then the written Word, and finally through the living Word, Jesus Christ!

Thoughts gleaned from a sermon by Paul Emerson, pastor at Calvary Chapel at Harrisonburg, Virginia , and delivered at the Church Planters Seminar of the Biblical Mennonite Alliance. It was held at the Faith Mennonite Church at Crawford, Mississippi on May 18 and 19, 2013.

The glass paintings were done by my two grandmothers, Clara Schrock and Martha Knepp, and a distant cousin, whose name I don’t know.


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