Don’t Throw Stones

at good folks.

In recent years, with the increasing pressure in America toward atheism and against Christianity, the Christian community began praying in earnest for a revival in America – to turn our country around and return to Biblical values. I am encouraged by recent answers to our prayers and see the surprising popularity of a Christian family on national TV as one of those answers.

Here we go!

Jase, Uncle Si, Willie, Phil Robertson

Quote by Phil Robertson: “We’re doing what we can in the power of Jesus, but Hollywood’s a big ship and you don’t give that steering wheel a sharp turn to the right and expect it to follow. You have to be patient and turn it slowly. That’s what we’re asking of the Christian community, patience.”

Like I said, “Don’t throw stones at good folks.”


Hey, that’s a fact, Jack!

Photos from A&E publicity photos.


2 thoughts on “Don’t Throw Stones

  1. Lol. Thanks for the encouraging comment. Since this was posted the Robertsons have braved some pretty rough stuff, but hey, a man who walks barefoot through snake-infested waters isn’t made of wimpy stuff. God bless them and their family. They need our prayers to stay faithful and strong in The Lord.


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