When Comes The End


My mother was in the ambulance. I was in her van, waiting to follow them to the ICU 30 miles away. She was in a critical and dangerous situation with a rare heart problem.

Our conversation only minutes before the ambulance arrived went something like this:

Mama: I might go to Heaven before Daddy. I wish we could go together.

Me: My guess is if you go before him, he’ll be right behind you because we all think he’s holding out for you.

Mama: I wish I wouldn’t have made so many mistakes.

Me: Aren’t you glad Jesus paid for your mistakes so you don’t have to?

Mama: Ohhhhh yes!

She shut her eyes and began to pray: Dear Jesus, thank you so much for paying for my sins! I accept Your plan of salvation for me. Thank You for the love that You have given Daddy and me and if I die before him, be very close to him until he comes to join me.

When she opened her eyes again the tears were gone and a smile was on her tired face.

Me: Do you remember what Revelation says your work is going to be in Heaven?

She’s looking expectantly up at me.

Me: It’s going to be singing around the Throne of God day and night, praising Jesus for paying for your sins.

Mama: Ohhhh, I sure will!

Me: Singing that verse that’s on that motto at the front of your church, ‘Blessing and glory and…

Mama joins me: …wisdom, and thanksgiving, and honour, and power, and might, be unto our God for ever and ever. Amen. (Rev. 7:12)

Our smiles are expressing our praise in what we both think could be our final moments together here on this earth – mother and daughter, sharing the same precious Lord and Savior.

When the ambulance pulled out of the hospital parking lot with Mama lying so small and frail inside it, a terrible storm threatened just to the northeast of us. Lightening was zipping from the wicked clouds almost constantly, warning of tornado-like tendencies. The EMT drove fastand I followed a safe distance behind as we began the trip to more specialized care for my mother. I knew if it began to rain I would have to slow down and let the ambulance go, but the storm stayed to the east of us and we only had a few drops to deal with. That allowed me to stand at the side of the ambulance once we arrived at the emergency room to let Mama know that I was there, too. That seemed very important to me.

This is what the Grace of God is all about! I’m telling you, it turns our fears into praise and our “storms” into harmless sprinkles. Because Jesus paid the penalty for our sins there is not even the slightest sting in death! That is the miracle of all miracles!


Mama’s doing much better now. She has color in her face again and a light in her eyes that was kind of missing recently as her condition deteriorated. It appears as though she and Daddy will spend more time together in their little house in my brother’s yard before they move to the Mansions Jesus is preparing for them.

I’m glad.





7 thoughts on “When Comes The End

  1. Thank you for sharing this very special, personal and private moment with us. My mother has been battling terminal cancer and it is inspiring to read your words, today. So thank you for the encouraging words and touching my heart, dear sister! It’s what being a family in Christ is all about!.


  2. Blessing to you Jewel. No matter how tired or stressed you are in being there for her, you will never regret it. God’s grave is sufficient! PTL!


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